Our crew. Skilled. Safe. Smart.

What sets the Vercon crew above all else?

We’re talented. We’re driven. We’re courteous. We’re safe.

As experts in the science of building structures that are long lasting and energy efficient, the Vercon crew is the team of the people on site, every day, pounding nails and ensuring the very best in construction and safe building practices.

We’re continuously being educated and trained in the latest construction safety and building science tactics — learning how to be the best at our craft so we can produce the highest quality, most efficient homes and buildings.

Our commitment to safe building begins with our crew. From pre-project planning to the post-construction meeting, for our employees, construction safety always comes first. In the end, a safe job site equals lower insurance and even lower project costs for our clients. Any way you look at it, with Vercon, everyone wins.

Gold status – Safety Training and Evaluation Process

Vercon achieved Gold Level status from the Associated Builders and Contractors for our Safety Training and Evaluation Process (STEP). Based on our STEP analysis findings, our safety committee sets company-wide safety goals and procedures to achieve them. Vercon was recognized for these effective safety practices and for providing our crew with tools to objectively evaluate our safety programs, policies, procedures and training.

Vercon is in a Partnership with Minnesota OSHA, meaning we go beyond basic OSHA compliance standards in our building projects by being proactive and constantly in pursuit of the highest level of on-the-job safety.