Ultimate Customer Experience

Our only goal

When we founded Vercon, we intentionally created a new model of doing business in the construction industry.

We created one goal for our entire organization, and we recruited and hired people who were inspired by this challenge.

Our goal is the reason we invest ourselves completely in each conversation, relationship, and project.

At Vercon, our only goal is to provide every client with the Ultimate Customer Experience.

This is how we define the Ultimate Customer Experience:

  • Place the best interests of each client before profit.

  • Know intuitively what needs to be done without having to ask or be told.

  • Appreciate that customers expect and demand quality, and become experts capable of satisfying those demands.

  • Never be fulfilled with anything less than 100% client satisfaction.

  • Construct homes that stand the test of time and will be highly sought after 100 years from now.

  • Revolutionize the construction industry and develop lifelong friendships with customers.