Unrivaled Construction

Performance tested, performance proven

In the construction industry, we believe your home is only as good as the last subcontractor who worked on it. That’s why every Vercon new home construction project is assigned a dedicated project superintendent to oversee every detail, every cut, every day.

Creating durable, energy efficient homes is of great importance to us and of great value to you. Efficient summer cooling and winter heating are part of what makes your home not only enjoyable but functioning at its utmost capacity as well.

We perform rigorous inspections to test energy efficiency several times throughout the construction process to eliminate air leaks, evaluate insulation, assess ventilation, and maximize energy savings.

We believe in building energy efficient homes that are tested and retested. That’s what building to a higher standard is all about.

Construction in tune with our environment

At Vercon, we are proud to be leaders in building green. We can help you make design and construction decisions that make sense not only for you and your home but for the environment as well.

“Green” is a term that’s often misused in the building industry and can mean different things to different people. We believe building green means constructing a home to a higher standard for both the owner and the environment. By making practical choices and weighing the return on investment of each design decision, we can be a steward of your budget as well as our environment’s natural resources.