Driven by our values.

Vercon is built on a foundation of core values that guide our culture, brand and business strategies. They are the guidelines by which we live, work, and operate, every day.

As a commercial builder, we believe in safety above all else. We do not let time or money override our obligation to keeping our people and sites safe. We also believe in doing business with absolute integrity. We do what we say we will do, every time.

Vercon exists to add value for our clients. Everything we do is focused on providing the Ultimate Customer Experience while building the best structures possible. We always put our clients first, and we allow success to follow. But that’s not all.

Safety at Vercon

Vercon's Promise

We promise to tell you the truth—always.

We promise to make your priorities our priorities.

We promise to answer your communications promptly.

We promise to discuss any potential changes to your commercial construction project scope, schedule, or budget before any changes are made.

We promise to bill on dates agreed and to provide a full explanation for each item.

We promise the pricing we provide is a true representation of your project’s value.

We promise to dedicate one commercial construction superintendent exclusively to your job from start to finish.

We promise to quote and build your project with only environmentally safe and quality products and materials.

We promise to provide you a realistic schedule and weekly progress updates.

We promise to hire subcontractors with a proven track record and a shared vision for our higher standard of customer service.

We promise to keep your jobsite safe, clean, and secure.

We promise to always know where your project is at financially.

We promise to build your commercial construction project to a higher standard: yours.