How We Build

It’s a jungle out there. Everyone seems to have a different opinion on which contract delivery method—construction management, design-build, or design-bid-build—is best for your project. It’s one of the first and possibly one of the most important of the many decisions that lie ahead. Which method makes the most sense for your project?

At Vercon we feel the best contract delivery method is the one that best fits your needs. We take the unusual first step of listening to you and learning what you need and expect out of your commercial building project before making recommendations. We then lay out a plan and explain the method that aligns with your goals and reduces risk to your budget, your schedule and the sizable investment you’ve made in your project.

Choosing a contract type determines how the work is done, but it doesn’t guarantee performance. Our construction systems calculate results, minimize risks and guarantee contractor performance. This, in turn, ensures efficiency and accuracy, saving you money long term. It’s our preferred way to build.

Allow us to help you plot a course that guarantees performance and success during your next building project.